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25/02/16 No Icon Forum Switch
17/02/16 Call Of Duty Update Incoming!
27/01/16 No Icon Security breach
30/12/15 No Icon Roster stuff!
26/11/15 No Icon Roster news!
21/11/15 No Icon The end of a longtime server a..
11/11/15 Call Of Duty Time to update the roster!
21/10/15 Call Of Duty Roster Update
16/10/15 No Icon Partner in crime
06/10/15 No Icon New Trials
26/09/15 No Icon Roster Update *Addition*
21/09/15 No Icon Roster update
27/08/15 No Icon Great news
24/08/15 No Icon Roster Update
18/08/15 No Icon Return of the Managers
15/08/15 No Icon Roster changes
11/07/15 No Icon Taking over!
12/06/15 No Icon New trialist
10/06/15 No Icon The end of xfire
02/06/15 No Icon My first dictator newpost is o..
01/06/15 No Icon The future of euro
18/05/15 No Icon Big newpost babies
11/05/15 No Icon Return of 2 HoFs to active squ..
27/04/15 No Icon Second part of the newpost.
21/04/15 No Icon First Half of Changes
24/03/15 No Icon I can't think of anything..
11/03/15 No Icon Expanding the Hall of Fame
05/03/15 No Icon Inviting a Long-Time Regular
03/03/15 No Icon Everything Removed
19/12/14 No Icon Fulhamboy gets a Trial
09/12/14 No Icon Roses are red, violets are blu..
18/11/14 No Icon The Show must go on!
26/10/14 No Icon EURO History gets changed big ..
16/10/14 No Icon Leaving/Removal of a Member
12/10/14 No Icon Roster update!
08/10/14 No Icon A new trial
05/10/14 No Icon Lippexx Admin
24/09/14 No Icon Tiny roster update!
17/09/14 No Icon Admin News
17/09/14 No Icon EUROspankin WaWa Bash Cup Has ..
05/09/14 No Icon Please Welcome Sherlock as Man..
29/08/14 No Icon Roster Update!
23/08/14 Call Of Duty Time to go
21/08/14 No Icon Some changes to keep the clan ..
08/08/14 No Icon New members/trials!
01/08/14 No Icon RadioMoscow joins the EURO Vet..
26/07/14 No Icon Changes regarding the admin te..
19/07/14 No Icon It has been a while
13/07/14 No Icon A polish pancake returned
25/06/14 No Icon New Members
16/06/14 No Icon I am back to management
11/06/14 No Icon Another Small Newspost
10/06/14 No Icon Short Newspost
29/05/14 No Icon EURO 5 Years Old
20/05/14 No Icon Some Crazy Shit Roster Update
13/04/14 No Icon Just keep on goin'
02/04/14 No Icon EUROspankin WaWa Bash Cup
01/04/14 No Icon Bad april fool
01/04/14 No Icon Time for a merger
27/03/14 No Icon Heros come and go
23/03/14 No Icon Removal of 2 brothers
16/03/14 No Icon Spring is early this year
04/03/14 No Icon Hall of Famers
24/02/14 No Icon Ole Einar Bjorndalen best wint..
27/01/14 No Icon Our Policeman is back!
27/01/14 No Icon Masterserver UP again
20/01/14 No Icon A new Trialist
15/01/14 No Icon Well deserved Promotion and a ..
13/01/14 No Icon NEW IPS FOR SERVERS
09/01/14 No Icon Sit back and Read
20/12/13 No Icon My last newspost of 2013
15/12/13 No Icon New IP of WAWA server
09/12/13 No Icon 2014 is coming close
29/11/13 No Icon Historical Day
21/11/13 No Icon Lets keep this stuff going!
18/11/13 No Icon A sad day
12/11/13 No Icon Site Update!
09/11/13 No Icon A few changes which had to be ..
29/10/13 No Icon 10th Anniversary of Call of Du..
27/10/13 No Icon Update on applicants
24/10/13 No Icon 2 changes
17/10/13 No Icon Changes (2/2)
14/10/13 No Icon Changes (1/2)
27/09/13 No Icon New Trials & Info for the ..
20/09/13 No Icon Recreating Senior Admins
16/09/13 No Icon Coming and Leaving
07/09/13 No Icon Trialists passed their trials
01/09/13 No Icon Coming and Leaving
25/08/13 No Icon What should I say today?
24/08/13 No Icon Marly passed trial & clans..
21/08/13 No Icon Back to Hall of Fame
21/08/13 No Icon Hall Of Fame
20/08/13 No Icon Member leaving
19/08/13 No Icon Some more news
19/08/13 No Icon New Trialist
16/08/13 No Icon Antyterrorysta passed his tria..
11/08/13 No Icon New Servers
11/08/13 No Icon Resurrection of a HOF
09/08/13 No Icon Mafiagirl is back
07/08/13 No Icon Update on the Rules & Remo..
05/08/13 No Icon TDM-admins and other admins
03/08/13 No Icon New Trials
03/08/13 No Icon Noobster Returns
26/07/13 No Icon One member comes, four are lea..
21/07/13 No Icon Roster changes
18/07/13 No Icon An extra newspost on 1 day?
18/07/13 No Icon Trial News
10/07/13 No Icon New Trial
03/07/13 No Icon Summer is coming
30/06/13 No Icon New IP for the servers
17/06/13 No Icon Monday Morning News
11/06/13 No Icon Social-Media
10/06/13 No Icon Big Roster Update
30/05/13 No Icon New Leader
26/05/13 No Icon A WHOLE LOTTA NEWS
18/05/13 No Icon NEW TRIALS
05/05/13 No Icon
26/04/13 No Icon New Members
21/04/13 No Icon Trainings
21/04/13 No Icon Roster update
19/04/13 No Icon Members leaving
25/03/13 No Icon
10/03/13 No Icon
06/03/13 No Icon New Admin
04/03/13 No Icon Reminder Of Our Rules
20/02/13 No Icon New members!
02/02/13 No Icon
27/01/13 No Icon
22/01/13 No Icon Member leaving
18/01/13 Call Of Duty Members leaving!
18/01/13 No Icon Some bad news
15/01/13 No Icon huehue update!!
01/12/12 Call Of Duty Shizzle has rejoined the clan
28/11/12 No Icon Blie-Bla-Bloe!
27/11/12 No Icon New Admin
26/11/12 No Icon More news!
26/11/12 No Icon News
26/11/12 No Icon Trials Passed
26/11/12 No Icon A leaving..
25/11/12 No Icon Admin Returns!
20/11/12 No Icon New Trialist
13/11/12 No Icon New Trialists / Members leavin..
01/11/12 No Icon Few Changes
01/11/12 No Icon Hall of Isabeautiful
31/10/12 No Icon Happy Halloween!
22/10/12 No Icon Thank you both
21/10/12 No Icon A big ass newspost!
02/10/12 No Icon Adding and removing a TDM Admi..
01/10/12 No Icon Inactive member removed
27/09/12 No Icon Our Trialists!
16/09/12 No Icon Some changes to the admin team
14/09/12 No Icon New TDM Admin
10/09/12 No Icon A few new trialists
07/09/12 No Icon A trialist goes, a gayboy retu..
04/09/12 No Icon Changes to the TDM admin team[..
31/08/12 No Icon Some good and bad news
28/08/12 Admin 1 Incoming!
26/08/12 No Icon Trial News & Other Info :)
11/08/12 No Icon Some news, WAY more coming soo..
19/07/12 No Icon Return of an old member
12/07/12 Poker Stars See/Read More!
12/07/12 No Icon Some news
07/07/12 No Icon New TDM admin
02/07/12 No Icon Incoming News!
24/06/12 No Icon Some Clan Stuff YO!
16/06/12 No Icon An Old Face Has Returned!
14/06/12 No Icon DONATIONS
10/06/12 No Icon A Trialist?
08/06/12 No Icon A New Management Member
04/06/12 No Icon Another Trialist
04/06/12 No Icon New Trial
03/06/12 No Icon New TDM admins
30/05/12 No Icon Client pk3 file has changed!!!..
30/05/12 No Icon Bringing back some Admins!
29/05/12 No Icon Happy Birthday EURO
23/05/12 No Icon Roster update
23/05/12 No Icon Thank you Ruben
20/05/12 Call Of Duty Roster Update
15/05/12 No Icon NEWS, more coming soon
01/05/12 No Icon NEW SERVERS