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EURO clan news

It's been more then a week now, the new forums will now be public Smile

Shame on the EURO members that didn't sign up yet.

We have been thinking about this for a while now, and it's the lack of support on xippy that gave us the final push. Apart from the crappy support xippy had more issues, and was pretty outdated. The new forums have a more modern look and are hosted by a bigger company. We don't know yet if this allows for better support or worse, we'll have to find that out in the future. We'll still try to get our backups from xippy, because of the historical value.

It takes a while to get to know the lay-out and the features of the new platform, but it's pretty easy.

Please explore the possibilities with a fresh look. I find it difficult to part from xippy myself, but it was necessary!
If you find stuff you don't like or that just doesn't work properly, please report it to the management Smile

I'd like to give a special word of appreciation to FlashyBelgium for setting up the forum. Thank you so much dude, you rock! Love

All I can say is, go my sons, explore!

Posted by Netherlands Sherlock in General on Thursday 25 February @ 16:08


Pro website

#1Thursday 25 February @ 16:30 by Netherlands Darlene

Roger that!

Good choice, inferno website was also hosted by Xippy and indeed they have a poor support.

Unfortunate that all the old members won't be registrered on the new website. :-(

#2Thursday 25 February @ 16:49 by Netherlands Toeter

^ Unfortunately yep.. Sad

Ip ban belgje there before its too late!

#3Thursday 25 February @ 17:06 by Netherlands DEVIN.

Yeah it's sad..

But we are probably going to redirect this webadress to the new one. So unexpected visitors can still find us Smile

#4Thursday 25 February @ 17:19 by Netherlands Sherlock

Ok , i'll check it out right away.

And indeed Flashy Rocks Tongue

#5Thursday 25 February @ 17:43 by Netherlands TheResistance

Nice Smile

Sad to leave this wonderful forum full of nostalgia behind though..

#6Thursday 25 February @ 17:59 by Belgium Belgje!

We had to, also with the back ups not coming. Its been a month since Paul replied.

Theres a security breach, and its not gonna get fixed anytime soon I guess.

#7Friday 26 February @ 08:54 by Netherlands Martyr

Well done boys Love

#8Friday 26 February @ 09:00 by Netherlands Spectrum

Congratulations new members! I think I should have more time after Easter so we'll see, sorry for being so crappy Tongue

#9Saturday 27 February @ 22:16 by UK sparrow

What Sparrow? New members?? Wrong newspost I guess Laughing

#10Saturday 27 February @ 23:34 by Belgium Belgje!