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Roster stuff!
EURO clan news

Hey there guys, it's been a while!

The current amount of members and trialist/applicants allows us to properly check if you're euro material. In some cases we have to be hard and decline some of you. It is not something I like doing, but let's start this post of with the declines:


I'm sorry guys, but we just don't feel it with you. You have all been on the servers, but didn't really make an effort to get to know the others. Group feeling is key in euro, I'm sorry!

Now, on to some good news:

I'd like to announce that:

ToeterNetherlands and BenzieScotland both made it to trial. Toeter, I liked you when you were in Euro in the past. Let's see if you're still the same Smile
Benzie, I don't know you yet, but people seem to like you! Welcome, both.


FluxyUK, you're back on your old member spot man. Good to have you back!
DenimxVatican City, you've been promoted to full admin. It took too long already, you did a good job and deserved your promotion Smile

There is more to come soon.. These promotions/declines were overdue already (Christmas is a busy time for me :c)

To those of you who have applied not long ago and to those on trial for a long time. Step up your game! We see potention in you, but you guys just need to get yourself known a little bit better. You can do it, I'm sure of it.

Also, please guys, stick to 1 name in game. Activity is important in euro, if I can't see your activity under the name you applied with, I'll be thinking you haven't been on at all.

As I stated, there's more to come, my lovelies!

Sherlock out for now Love

Posted by Netherlands User Deleted in General on Wednesday 30 December @ 18:23


Damn, this trial will last foever. LOL

#1Wednesday 30 December @ 19:27 by Denmark FUZ.


#2Wednesday 30 December @ 19:28 by Denmark FUZ.

Cheers lads Smile

#3Wednesday 30 December @ 21:05 by Netherlands Toeter

Its not 6 months yet Fuz, think thats the record here Laughing

Some decisions had to be made others needed some good thinking, never rush decisions about kicking people/failing trials. Thats something I learned over the years and I think Sherly toke my advice on that Laughing

#4Wednesday 30 December @ 22:00 by Netherlands Martyr

Gratz Everyone!

#5Wednesday 30 December @ 22:08 by Netherlands DEVIN.

pfff i dont see me on that list... xD

#6Wednesday 30 December @ 22:10 by Germany Rexyzje

Fuck Toeter. I rq

#7Wednesday 30 December @ 22:17 by Belgium Belgje!

gratz all well deserved Smile

#8Wednesday 30 December @ 22:21 by Finland Shinigami

What else is new Michiel Tongue

#9Wednesday 30 December @ 22:43 by Netherlands Toeter

gratz all!

#10Thursday 31 December @ 10:22 by UK illuzioN.

Well done my ladies!

#11Thursday 31 December @ 13:15 by France dodged dodgie

Toeter in EURO Shocked

never saw that one comming Tongue

And Congratz all

#12Thursday 31 December @ 15:50 by Netherlands TheResistance


#13Thursday 31 December @ 16:05 by Greece Jimmy Markou

when am I leader

#14Thursday 31 December @ 17:01 by England DAN.


#15Thursday 31 December @ 18:11 by Netherlands Darlene


#16Friday 01 January @ 09:31 by Finland maxi

Congrats all!

#17Friday 01 January @ 10:47 by Netherlands Walrus

Congratz for trials !

#18Saturday 02 January @ 19:55 by Netherlands Razer

Thanks very much dude Smile

#19Sunday 03 January @ 00:20 by Scotland benzie


#20Sunday 03 January @ 12:53 by Vatican City denimx

Ty and congrats

#21Monday 04 January @ 19:36 by UK Fluxy

Gratz all !!!!

#22Tuesday 05 January @ 23:38 by France PAPI

Congratz all, and for the ones who feel they have been left out - you are now being tested Wink activity and patients is the key, and get known!

#23Friday 15 January @ 07:39 by Netherlands Spectrum

Where is my promotion? Shocked

#24Saturday 23 January @ 07:09 by Spain Cliche

Miel, that joke is soooo 2013.

Where is mine though?

#25Saturday 23 January @ 10:54 by Netherlands DEVIN.

congrats all well done unlucky to those who didnt Smile

#26Friday 12 February @ 15:25 by Ireland Cr@tch3K