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Roster news!
EURO roster update with logo

Hey guys,

Let me start of with the newest trialist:
It took us a long time to decide, but lately we've been seeing more of you.
Juan France You're a nice guy who I think will fit in with the clan, just get to know the others a bit more Smile

Now on to the members,

We have a lot of trialists at the moment, time to reduce that number!
Welcome on the member roster:
Evan England
Enkz England
Rapid UK
Mankey Netherlands

All of you have been around cod1 for a very long time. We all know you, you know all of us. We're like a match made in heaven! No but seriously, you are all good lads and I'm sure you'll have a great time here with the rest of the crazy fuckers!
Keep that activity up, both on the servers and on the social stuff.

And now the structural changes:

Roalty Overijssel will go back to senior admin. He doesn't have to worry about the boring tech/money part of euro anymore, but will now focus on the members/trials/applicants. He told me he will adapt to what euro needs from him, I respect that Smile

Dodgie had been begging me for assistence and it was getting so sad that I had to give him what he wanted.. Just kidding obviously Love

Although I would like to introduce some new managers:

Walrus Netherlands Will take up his old position. He is the technical man I so desperately need. Welcome back man, your seat is still warm!
Darlene Netherlands You've been in euro for soo long now. We never really gave you the chance to try management, let's change that Smile You know the people of Cod1 better than anyone at the moment. Thank you for saying 'yes' to the management offer!

That's it for now guys,
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or the managers!

Sherlock Love

P.S. Use the new teamspeak!

Posted by Netherlands User Deleted in General on Thursday 26 November @ 13:02


Congratulations everyone! And thank you! Smile

#1Thursday 26 November @ 13:35 by Netherlands MANKEY.

Oh dear god.

R.i.p euro

#2Thursday 26 November @ 14:03 by Netherlands Jeroen

Lol Darlene Laughing

#3Thursday 26 November @ 14:06 by Belgium Belgje!


#4Thursday 26 November @ 15:00 by Netherlands DEVIN.

congratz all

#5Thursday 26 November @ 15:22 by Vatican City denimx

Congratz all , and Goodluck Dar / Walrus

#6Thursday 26 November @ 15:30 by Netherlands TheResistance

Best of Luck/Congratz/Thanks(toyboy) everyone

#7Thursday 26 November @ 16:09 by Netherlands Martyr

GZZ boys/girls

#8Thursday 26 November @ 16:54 by Italy SnakE

Gratzz people.

Thank u ! And indeed euro is gonna die..

#9Thursday 26 November @ 16:55 by Netherlands Darlene

Well done all , Very well deserved & nice post!

Sherlock only forgot to post that I'm taking over though

#10Thursday 26 November @ 17:58 by France dodged dodgie

gratz all well deserved Smile

#11Thursday 26 November @ 19:10 by Finland Shinigami

And why am i not member yet?? I havent been active enough, or what?? Pff

#12Thursday 26 November @ 20:07 by Denmark FUZ.

Gratz all and dar well done

#13Thursday 26 November @ 21:06 by England enkz

Haha fuz pfff

#14Thursday 26 November @ 21:43 by Netherlands Darlene

I am serious..

#15Thursday 26 November @ 22:53 by Denmark FUZ.

I have posted in "Inactivity" aswell..

#16Thursday 26 November @ 22:53 by Denmark FUZ.

omg darlene i love i love you don't ban me plz kiss congratz alls

#17Friday 27 November @ 00:14 by France PAPI

congratzz all!

And Fuz, there is no inactive post mate...?

#18Friday 27 November @ 07:22 by Netherlands Spectrum

Well done

#19Friday 27 November @ 10:25 by UK Mysteryyyy

well done all ! u all deserve it

#20Friday 27 November @ 11:24 by France FaYa

Congratz guys thats some nice stuffSmile

#21Friday 27 November @ 16:35 by Netherlands RukZ

congratz all!

#22Saturday 28 November @ 12:59 by Netherlands Maestro.

Graaaaz ppl!!

#23Sunday 29 November @ 16:09 by Finland maxi

I bet you dont want to papi xd

#24Tuesday 01 December @ 16:44 by Netherlands hardcorelady

Where is my promotion?

#25Monday 07 December @ 21:52 by Estonia Stiggy

Congratz !

#26Sunday 20 December @ 13:14 by Netherlands Razer