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The end of a longtime server and server change


The decision has been tough, but its inevitable.

We were looking for a while to reduce costs and we have decided to stop the TDM server and change our ts host.

With pain in my heart the TDM server will stop, the original start of EURO will shut the doors(SD came later). The most active TDM players are gone(including myself) and nobody else is stepping up to make it active Sad

Sherlock suggested to host some tdm nights at the warserver to keep the tradition alive.

Second the teamspeakserver will be shut down. We cant go without a ts, so I asked Slovenia Zax! if he had room for a teamspeak.

So from now (or the 25th) the teamspeak will be hosted at

I hope the rights etc are correct. If there are any flaws(or ideas), PM me at Netherlands Martyr.

For the ones who wondered, SD, WAWA and WAR remain unchanged. WAWA is sponsored or in some agreement with Walrus, and the others are actually being used.

So Far


Posted by Netherlands Martyr in General on Saturday 21 November @ 13:31


Aww too bad Sad

#1Saturday 21 November @ 13:46 by Netherlands DEVIN.

Nothing to do about it! We'll keep rockin' on!

#2Saturday 21 November @ 14:10 by Netherlands Walrus

Noooo now i suck on all EURO servers Sad

#3Saturday 21 November @ 14:16 by Netherlands TheResistance

Rip dm/tdm server

#4Saturday 21 November @ 16:41 by Finland Shinigami

ah too bad but ye we knew this was coming boys!

#5Saturday 21 November @ 17:50 by Netherlands Maestro.

ou gawd fockoff tjeks!

Had good times on TDM !

#6Saturday 21 November @ 17:57 by Netherlands Toeter

Isnt that zax a bit gay person..

#7Saturday 21 November @ 18:13 by Finland maxi

From Finland or smth..Wink

#8Saturday 21 November @ 18:14 by Finland maxi

Awh too bad but we saw this coming indeed

We'll still be rocking!

#9Saturday 21 November @ 22:16 by France dodged dodgie

Aaaah, this idea was alive for a couple of years already, too bad it's that time were ideas get reality. Too bad, but understandable decision.

Keep rocking guys!

#10Saturday 21 November @ 22:35 by Belgium Belgje!

This decision hurts me more than it should.. but as Ruben stated, it's inevitable.

#11Sunday 22 November @ 02:46 by Netherlands User Deleted

My Bif fat large cock, cheers.

#12Monday 23 November @ 00:42 by Germany Rexyzje

such a pitty Sad

#13Monday 23 November @ 10:24 by Ireland phaKie

Can we put a few dms on the ad server then? It's still quite popular..

#14Monday 23 November @ 12:09 by UK Fluxy

Sd *

#15Monday 23 November @ 12:09 by UK Fluxy

Rip tdm server, #neverforget. gb

#16Monday 23 November @ 17:54 by Greece Dejan*

@Fluxy: With the current mod its impossible; both mods are different. Walrus would have to start modding again.

#17Tuesday 24 November @ 18:04 by Netherlands Martyr

Such a shame loved tdm server

#18Wednesday 25 November @ 08:04 by UK Mysteryyyy

With New ts we pay less ??
And dm no sprint euro war Will be good !!
M'y opinion!!! Best regards Papi

#19Wednesday 25 November @ 17:33 by France PAPI

The new teamspeak is for free by Zax, who pays for a dedicated box for private use. He hosts a few more teamspeaks for friends, or friends of friends.

#20Wednesday 25 November @ 20:12 by Netherlands Martyr

So long TDM - I will miss u Sad

#21Wednesday 23 December @ 00:05 by Poland nOrb