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Time to update the roster!
EURO roster update with logo

First of all I wanna start with someone who knows how everything works and fully deserved the senior admin after being a great pain in the ass!
Netherlands Spectrum

It seems you know how to deal with everything and you know how everything works , Everything just fits and thts why we decided to give you this spot! Well deserved Spectrum Congratulations!

Also an other person who has a promotion on the admin roster is :
Greece Jimmy

Jimmy made it to the full admin squad , It took a while but you made it to full admin on our roster and we hope we didnt make a bad choice! ( We never do ) Congratulations with the full admin status Jimmlet!

Now we've been discussing this for a while but we'd like to announce some new members aswell , Gonna start with the oldest lad inhere he has born in 1766!

Finland Maximou!

Max what can I say man , We cant stop loving you and you just fit inhere like you did before! Member stats very well deserved Max , Congrats mister from 1766!

Second person who made it to full member is

England Lofty

Lofty I know you too long man , since 1.4 and thats a while ago! You showed us what a fun lad you are and how much you actually suck exactly what we're looking for! Congratulations with your member status lofty!

That was it for the members , going to the trialists , I'm not gonna write invidual things about you guys just a short story for all of you , I welcome

England Rapid , England Matt/Fluxy , England enkz and the last one England evaN/navE

The foursome list of you guys made a good impression not at me only but also for some other players in EURO , It seems that you guys fit in very well and that you guys really deserve a shot to be a part of the big EURO Family! I bet it will go very well! Congratulations to all of you!

Well I guess thats it for now , Stay tuned because more news is coming soon , I guess very soon ghehe!

Dodged & The Great Management.

Posted by France dodged dodgie in General on Wednesday 11 November @ 12:46


congratz all keep it up

#1Wednesday 11 November @ 13:01 by Vatican City denimx

thaks for the promotion to Full Admin and all the other comrades KEEP IT LIKE THIS and u will be FINE!

#2Wednesday 11 November @ 13:07 by Greece Jimmy Markou

Gratz all well deserved

#3Wednesday 11 November @ 13:52 by Finland Shinigami

Congratulations guys!
And nice post as always, Gio Love

#4Wednesday 11 November @ 14:08 by Netherlands User Deleted

Keep it up guys very well deserved!

And thanks Sherlock!

#5Wednesday 11 November @ 14:15 by France dodged dodgie

Congratulations Boys well deserved Smile

#6Wednesday 11 November @ 14:45 by Netherlands Explode

Congratz all . well deserved

#7Wednesday 11 November @ 16:00 by Netherlands TheResistance

Work , on , your , interpunction , please , its so annoying to read it like that haha Laughing

Congratz on the promotions!

#8Wednesday 11 November @ 16:16 by Netherlands DEVIN.

Congratulations guys!

#9Wednesday 11 November @ 16:46 by Netherlands MANKEY.

Congrats all

#10Wednesday 11 November @ 17:12 by UK sh0tzEh

Well done all!

#11Wednesday 11 November @ 18:00 by UK Mysteryyyy

Thanks nerds and well done to the other apps and members!

#12Wednesday 11 November @ 18:34 by UK Rapidzeh

good luck guys,

i am soo not active i know it

#13Wednesday 11 November @ 21:40 by Netherlands Jok0z

gratz all!

#14Thursday 12 November @ 09:07 by Netherlands Maestro.


#15Thursday 12 November @ 10:01 by Netherlands Walrus

Nice Smile
congrats all an Good luck... Smile

#16Thursday 12 November @ 13:11 by Ireland Cr@tch3K

Congratz all! Smile

#17Thursday 12 November @ 20:37 by Belgium Scruffy

I onlu saw my name..WOw..Graz all..Wink

#18Thursday 12 November @ 21:35 by Finland maxi

And dis UK ppl..Omg..Been scared to come at ts..all talking like Susn Boyle..Wink

#19Thursday 12 November @ 21:37 by Finland maxi

Why didn't I get trial?

#20Friday 13 November @ 08:39 by Netherlands Audiliciouss

Wow didnt see this coming, thanks homo's Love

#21Friday 13 November @ 08:51 by Netherlands Spectrum

Thx very much..Been drinking like.....2 much..Didint notice my promotin..Thaaaaanks..Wink

#22Saturday 14 November @ 15:11 by Finland maxi

congratz all euro growing strong!

#23Sunday 15 November @ 23:20 by UK illuzioN.