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Teamspeak 3 (30 slots)


EURO RIFLES S&D (40 slots)


EURO WAR (24 slots)

Server Rules

ALL Servers

Failing to act according to the rules might result in a punishment by the admin, followed by a kick, temporary ban or even a permanent ban. Hacking is an instant ban however.

Respect your fellow gamers.

Jumping IS ALLOWED on our servers.

-You cant jump out of the map.
-On Carentan, you can only jump on the back of the sniper house, the rest is considered glitching.
-On Stalingrad, the jump at A where you can see the tunnel through the wall is allowed as long as you dont use the glitch to check the tunnel. Also on stalingrad you cant jump in any of the glitchrooms

No hacking

No Glitching

-No Fast Run glitch at the beginning of the round
-No fastshooting, however at the begin or the end of a round for fun in the air is ok.
-No fastreloading
-No fast weaponswitch

We do understand that some glitch might happen by accident

No excessive swearing.

-No swearing with diseases at all.

No Recruiting.

-You may ask for someone his X-fire though.

No blocking.

No Racism.

- Also making fun of terroristic organisations together with massmurder and genocide is not allowed.

No Advertising

-EURO related items can be advertised ofcourse!

No Spamming

-This included quick chat

No Excessive Whining

-You will always get a warning before a punishment.

Camping is allowed on the S&D Server

- On defend, both spawncamp and camp are allowed
- On Attack, only camp is allowed

BUT you must try to plant the bomb on attacking side before the round time runs out.
Yet be aware that when it's 1v1 or 2v2, camping bores people so just do not do that.

Forum rules

Members are reminded that, what is posted in the public sections of the forum is a reflection on the entire EURO Clan so please be mindful of what you post, otherwise posts may be removed for the benifit of the clan.


EURO clan members code of conduct

All new Applicants will start of at the rank of Trialist after being offered a trial period.

Members need to be trustworthy, loyal and must speak basic English. Also members don't have to be really good COD players to join the clan as we play for fun and not skills. We now have a minimum age of 16 to be eligible for joining the clan. (however we can and have made exceptions}

# Show up, help out, and have fun each week with the clan. Don't worry about being a great player or having the most kills. Just be a friendly person and treat other players with respect.
# Anyone found to be using hacks or glitches on the server will be immediately removed from the clan and banned from the server.
# No excessive swearing. The occasional swear word is acceptable.
# Always treat people fairly and act civil.
# If you feel that someone in the EURO Clan is not conducting themselves properly, bring it to an admins/management's attention in the forums and we will try to resolve the issue.
# You can't be in any other clans on this game/patch(1.5).
# If you quit the clan you can come back, however all depends on why you left.
# If someone has a question, post it on the clan forum, unless it is personal, contact the leader/management in that case.
# If you are going to be gone for a few days(or longer) be polite, post a message about it in the inactive section.
# If you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" message you may be taken off the roster.
# Be polite and announce yourself if you come onto the server and voice server. (A simple hi would do)
# To progress from trialist and become a full EURO member(and stay member), you must be active on our forums and public servers.
# We dont mind you playing scrims but our public servers must be your priority

# EURO Members can be teamviewed at any time, by anyone if you like but always by
-NetherlandsMartyr , xfire=nlruben
-BelgiumFlashy, xfire=fflashh
-NetherlandsWalrus, xfire=thawalrus

Admins of the vCoDcupseries
-UKd'logics razRR, xfire=razrruk
-UKboybach dReam, xfire = xxxxxwarlordxxxxx

You are NOT obliged to let anyone else teamview you, so watch out with who teamviews you. If you have nothing to hide, this should not be any problem.
Also if the one teamviewing tries to open private documents, you can shut down teamviewer.


Non-members Are NOT allowed to wear our tags unless they are mercing for a euro scrim team.

The meanings of the tags








Good luck and hope to see you on the server soon.

Updated at the 24th of June 2014