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EURO Rifles News
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EURO clan news

Hey guys,

Well it's in the title, it's happening.

Read more inside!

By Netherlands Sherlock in General on Thursday 25 February @ 16:08
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Update Incoming!
EURO roster update with logo

Hello my lovers and loverinners

It's time for some rosterupdates after a long long long time!
We were discussing alot lately and also the forum went down and stuff!
but here we are!

Read more inside.

By France dodged dodgie in General on Wednesday 17 February @ 21:22
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Security breach

If you look closely you can see something changed. Logs suggest someone managed to gain access to the administrative side of this site and decided to delete all side panel information, shoutbox shouts and, most importantly, all forum posts.

We hope to get an update on this shortly

By Netherlands Walrus in General on Wednesday 27 January @ 22:20
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Roster stuff!
EURO clan news

What's up guys!

First of all, Happy holidays to all of you!
It's been a very busy time for me (break up, christmas, work, etc. etc.) so it took a while to get back into this.
This newspost will be the first of 2 or 3 in which I'm going to make a few changes in euro. These changes may involve changes in permissions on the forum, rules in the servers and such.

Read more inside Love

By Netherlands User Deleted in General on Wednesday 30 December @ 18:23
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Roster news!
EURO roster update with logo

It's that time of the month again.. roster update time!

There will be the normal trial/member news, but also some structural changes in the clan.

Read more inside.

By Netherlands User Deleted in General on Thursday 26 November @ 13:02
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The end of a longtime server and server change


From the 25th of November the TDM/DM server will be shut down.

Also the teamspeak will change to a new IP, which is provided by Slovenia Zax!

Read the details inside!


By Netherlands Martyr in General on Saturday 21 November @ 13:31
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Time to update the roster!
EURO roster update with logo

Hello my my lovely EURO Folk , dodgie is taking over as leader.. ( Just kidding! ) its time for some news news and news read more inside.

By France dodged dodgie in General on Wednesday 11 November @ 12:46
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